*NEW* OPT100 Mobile in Partnership with Vaisala

Primary Function 

Built around the Vaisal Optimus (TM) Advanced DGA platform

Online Dissolved Gas Analysis

Can be moved from Transformer to Transformer as needed

Features · 

Built around the Vaisala Optimus™ Advanced DGA platform.
· TRUE Multi-Gas analysis using vacuum gas extraction for better results
· Moisture in oil monitor.
· Works with Mineral oil AND Synthetic Esters.
· 120VAC or 240VAC single phase. DC power optional.
· Skid mounted standard. Casters or trailer mounted optional.
· A variety of communications options available.
· Remote monitoring available via a cellular modem and web based user
· Easy to operate, Fully Automated.
· Designed for use on ENERGIZED equipment as long as needed.
· On-site training ALWAYS included with every OPT100 Mobile.