Primary Function 

Remove oil for field maintenance on transformers. 

Contain, Filter and Cycle oil while maintenance is being performed. 

Re fill when maintenance is complete.

Features · 

Designed specifically for electric utilities substation maintenance

 · 230VAC single phase 

· Easy to operate 

· ALL Valves located in one place 

· ALL Controls located together 

· ALL functions easily reachable from the ground—no need to climb inside the trailer to operate the system 

· Designed for SINGLE hose operation utilizing flow reversal valve 

· Digital totalizing meter 

· Filter canister that is drained using the onboard pump—no bucket needed 

· Stainless steel onboard tank 

· Cast Iron variable speed oil pump—can be slowed down as much as needed for final filling (such as oil filled breakers) 

· On-site training ALWAYS included with every Oil Trailer